Role: Audio Designer/Programmer, VFX | Language(s): C# (Unity) | Date: 2022


Kurat is a real-time action board game where the Devil challenges a household on their power of friendship, using his favourite board game!

Together you must take on a variety of trials and tribulations, facing the creatures of the mythical Estonian wilderness on the way! These include The Plague Personified, Põhja konn and The Devil’s Minions. Make decisions as a team to stay alive and overcome the Devil’s challenges.

During your journey, you must collect weapons and items to increase your chances of defeating the onslaught of enemies. Be careful as the Devil has a few tricks up his sleeve that will leave you cursed and at the mercy of the unforgiving wilderness.


In this project I was in charge of designing and implementing all of the audio and creating various visual effects. The game’s audio was implemented though FMOD and I developed a dynamic ambience/weather system within the game.

🏆 Nominated for ‘The Creative Assembly Best Student Game 2022’ TIGA Award.

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