About Me

Hey there! I’m Josh. Welcome to my creative world where I channel my passions into three distinct realms: creative photography, experimental music creation, and immersive game development.


Photography: As a live music photography specialist, I’m all about capturing the soul of artists and their music through the lens. With an affinity for experimentation, I often play with light and wield fisheye lenses to craft images that resonate. My journey extends beyond stages though—I’m also an avid traveler. Through travel photography, I capture the heartbeats of different cultures and the unique vibes of each place.

Music: Under the moniker ‘Soul Sak,’ I’ve embarked on a musical journey driven by the spirit of endless experimentation. While mostly self-taught, my music-making philosophy revolves around pushing boundaries and defying genre norms. Though my releases might be limited now, I’m driven by the desire to create a lasting legacy through my music—an offering back to the world that has been so deeply influenced by the melodies that define me.

Game Development: My academic journey took me through the fascinating world of game programming, culminating in a 1st Class Degree. Armed with a wide knowledge in Unity, Unreal, FMOD, 3DS Max, and Blender, I’ve found my niche in audio design for games. Crafting immersive soundscapes, soundtracks, and effects, I bring a new dimension to gaming experiences that captivate players on a sonic level.


Personal: Born in May, 2000 from an intriguing blend Kurdish and British heritage. This unique fusion shapes my creative perspective, as I navigate my creative pursuits from my UK base, I find inspiration in the dynamic interplay of diverse influences that surround me.

My creative journey is all about pushing boundaries, capturing the essence of moments, and immersing others in evocative experiences. Join me as I continue to explore and create, leaving my mark in the realms of photography, music, and game development.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the voyage through my creative universe.

Feel free to reach out—I’d love to connect and collaborate!


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