Role: Mini-game Programmer, Lead Audio | Language(s): C# (Unity) | Date: June 2019


No Signal is a game created in 30 hours for the University of Gloucestershire Game Jam 2019. The theme of the jam was ‘Waves’. The game takes a unique look at the theme and follows a UFO hunter protagonist with a radio scanner that he uses to track down aliens. This game was created in a team of 3 programmers and 2 designers.


In this project, I created the radio wave mini-game in which the player has to change sliders for ‘frequency’ and ‘amplitude’ to match a moving sine wave. I also created various sound effects for the game and helped develop some of the art.

🏆 This Game was nominated in the Top 3 of the UOG Game Jam and was then shown at the end of year show, where it ultimately came 2nd.