Role: Programmer, Designer | Language(s): C++/Blueprints (Unreal) | Date: May 2020


For a University level design module, we were tasked with creating a level with the theme of ‘Underground Bunker’. This project was inspired by the ‘Svalbard Global Seed Vault’ – ‘a secure backup facility for the world’s crop diversity’.

Before the player gets into the game we wanted to ‘paint the scene’ so the user gains familiarity with the world and narrative before actually jumping into the gameplay. Josh created a cinematic that slowly pans across a snowy landscape, past the entrance and ending at the car where the player starts. For the ‘distress call’ audio we needed to make it sound as if it was a radio broadcast in the middle of the arctic so the first step was adding a high pass filter, custom equalization and a compressor to the audio tracks used and some noise cancellation. Then then the tracks were into ableton where Josh added crackling that faded in and out. Sound effects were added to set the scene such as pounding on something metal to give the impression the robot was chasing after the subject and then releasing toxic gas causing them to choke. Later on we decided to add car rumbling that fades in and then the slamming of the door as the cinematic camera changes into the player character and the level begins.


I worked on all aspects of the project: audio, AI, programming, design and narrative.