Main Role(s): Programmer, Level Designer Secondary Role(s): Project Management, 3D Artist Language(s): C# (Unity) Date: January-May 2019 (1st Year)


Backlash is a local multiplayer top-down first person shooter. The game is 2-4 players.
The main mechanic in the game is being able to ricochet bullets multiple times off of objects in order to outwit your opponent(s).
The game is on one shared screen (no split-screen), each player spawns away from each-other and starts with the pistol. Other obtainable weapons spawn randomly around the middle of the map(s) where players must quickly obtain them without being killed by the others. There are various objects around the map which can used for cover or tactically.


During the 8 months the project was completed in, I worked with all aspects of creating the game. During the assignment I put together the original prototype and presentations for each deadline. I had to manage the project and organise the tasks for each student in our group.

• Programming
• Level design & Unity post-processing
• 3D Modelling
• Audio Design
• Importing assets and setting up animations in Unity.